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Furthermore, if not properly diagnosed it will occur again and often damage to the transmission may follow. Pics of a cracked flex plate peachparts mercedesbenz forum. More severe misalignment can break a flexplate in 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Op, youve probably got broken teeth on the flex plate, it is going to need to be replaced eventually, if youre getting an intermittent clicking sound from it just keep an ear on it. Discovery ii cost of repairing a cracked flex plate my intermittent ticking is much louder under the car than outside or under the hood. The flex plate replaces the flywheel in automatic transmission cars. Seriously though, first save yourself some possibly unnecessary work. Its getting the transmission out and back in thats the hard part. Excessive crankshaft flange runout or end plate can also cause flexplate cracking. Jan 08, 2016 i have a 20 ford escape as well and it is in the shop as well for flex plate issues. What happened is somehow i got a crack around the crankshaft bolts on the flex plate and it sheared off. However, a cracked flexplate has been reported to reduce gas mileage, due to the inefficiency it creates in the engine when it cannot perform as intended. As the cars flex plate corrodes from exposure, the unit can become damaged and fail. Aside from a manufacturing defect, the only things that will cause a cracked flex plate are improper torque on the plate bolts at the.

Cost to replace a cracked flex plate in a 2014 dodge grand caravan. Descriptions of the sound include clanking, chirping and a light knocking. How would the shop know the flex plate was cracked before they pull the transmission. The flex plate dampens this vibration from the engine to the driveline and reduces the noise that we hear. This may occur in worn engines or engine that have been poorly rebuilt. Im assuming this is for your 67 and you have the borgwarner automatic. You may even be able to see it wobble a bit with the plate off change speed a little if its just on crooked or warped itll still wobble the same amount.

Cracked 360 magnum flexplate for a bodies only mopar forum. As i was driving into work this morning i noticed a sound that seemed to come from the middle of the car. Usual failure mode is the crankcase bolts or the torque converter bolts work loose, allowing the parts to start moving in different directions, the clicking sound you heard. My uncle thinks it may be a cracked flex plate from how i described it to him. I could see a flex plate making noise if it was cracked or i could see a starter making noise when it trys to engage the damaged teeth on a flex plate so i wonder here what is causing the flex plate to be noisy,all they do is spin around. If you purchase it yourself, at advance auto or auto supply, it will be cheaper than if you purchase it from a dealer or a higher price parts store. Then whom ever replaced the fp before me didnt catch the peened bellhousing and tightened it down causing a alignment problem. The classic and most obvious symptom of a cracked flexplate involves the sound it makes while the engine is running. Dealership says i could have a cracked flex plate jeep. The vehicles flex plate is an essential part of your driveshaft. Flex plate transmission flex plate autopartswarehouse. Jan 19, 2011 i have a cracked flex plate im told i might need a flex plate, torque converter and possibly a front pump bearing cost for parts and labor 2004 gmc sierra 2500 hd close. Transmission flex plate repair maintenancerepairs car. In the event that the cars flex plate is cracked or otherwise damaged, replacement of the old part will be absolutely essential before the vehicle can be driven.

Next, turn the flexplate through a full revolution by hand so you can look at all the teeth. After some googling and much reading, it looks like i have a cracked flexplate. The first cracked fp for me i ignorantly assumed the missing torque converter bolt was the problem so i missed the bellhousing problem. So i think my flex plate is cracked had a clunking sound at idle now when shutting the truck down i can feel it in my feet. Cost of repairing a cracked flex plate land rover forums land. Jeep grand cherokee questions is it common for a loose flex. This video demonstrates the sound, diagnosis and solution to what sounded like a rod knocking on a 1999 toyota 4runner with a 3. Supposedly chrysler has come out with a new replacement plate that will not crack, and it isnt supposed to be that expensive. Apr 22, 2018 i just thought id post a short video of what a cracked flexplate on a 6.

This time would be multiplied by the cost i was allowed to charge. I will probably also be upgrading my converter at the same time because this 2200 stall isnt cutting it. Im thinking broken flex plate in my 73 blazer however when im in gear low rpms and rolling down the street i hear the. Solved the problem for the price of the part, only 150 dollars. The problem is that the cost will depend on other things. So, i need a new flex plate and dont want to use another stock one because i dont want to do this again. Because the flex plate is an integral part of your cars powertrain, and replacing it involves removing the transmission, a significant amount of labor will be involved. Last failure i had a new torque converter installed. Currently using the neutral balance 318 converter with the stock mag flex plate and professional products balancer. A cracked flexplate is almost always a sign of other problems. I drive 160 miles a day and this happens at 6th with cruise control on.

Replacing a broken flex plate involves a lot of tools and removing a lot of components. Those factors ensure that when the engine starts and the driver puts it in. A cracked flex plate often gets quieter at speed and so can an exhaust leak centrifugal force stops the vibration. Sounds like your flex plate had a crack or bolts were not torqued properly or came loose under a normal road test.

A cracked flexplate is a result of this kind of behaviour and with it, i suspect other items on this particular car will also be found to have been recently replaced or on the edge of failure. I have access to a shoplift and plan to do this work myself and with a coworker. A shop thats hungry and looking for work may charge less. I took it back in at 85k because of noise and vibration problems and the result was a cracked flex plate. Take off the bellhousing bottom cover and put a mark on the flexplate.

I am trying to diagnose a noise coming from the back of the enginefront of the transmission area. May 06, 2003 in the past few days my 94 has been knocking while in gear and at low rpms. I suspect the flex plate because of the noise and vibration. The repair process once the flywheel is confirmed as the faulty part in question, the car will be hosted and the front wheels and wheel hubs of the car will be removed. I have used the search function and have not found that much about flywheel problems. A cracked flex plate is a result of this kind of behaviour and with it, i suspect other items on this particular car will also be found to have been recently replaced or on the edge of failure. The reason for the sound involves the flexplate s location and its function. Like, do you have to part or do you have to have them provide it. The same things that cause the flexplate to crack can also cause transmission problems. Was wondering how much time it would normally take since i gotta do it outside in the snow i cant do it at. Slight misalignment may only cause a single flexplate to break in the life of the vehicle. I could see a flex plate making noise if it was cracked or i could see a.

Dec 11, 2017 i show you a nice trick to help you when changing your flex plate of converter. I first had the engine replaced at 65k as a result of a bolt breaking loose inside the cam shaft and destroying the insides. Transmission flex plate repair maintenancerepairs car talk. The 2001 toyota rav4 has 1 problems reported for cracked flex platetorque converter. I have the back seats out so there isnt too much sound dampening back there, and i have been listening for any odd noises over the past few weeks. Cost to replace a cracked flex plate in a 2014 dodge grand. Nov 02, 2015 i have a 2007 ford f150 and i have replaced broken flex plate three times in one year. Well any competent shop will quote you whatever book rate is plus fluids. It runs fine in park but in any other gear with my foot on the brake it has a very noticeable, almost loud knocking sound. How much should it cost to have a mechanic replace a flywheel. Happened in 2016 at 30k miles and was replaced under warranty. Cars with automatic transmissions instead use a flexplate that also.

Well good news is it wasnt as bad as i had anticipated and they didnt have to replace the entire transmission. A bad flex plate usually has failed due to either damage or wear and tear, so replacement with a new flex plate is the only solution. Will shift kit, converter, and flex plate tie me over. There is no history to know if trans has been rebuilt.

How to know if a flexplate is warped it still runs. I have a 2007 ford f150 and i have replaced broken flex plate. Hey guys i went to start the truck yesterday sounded like bendix wasnt kicking out picked up starter today got old one out not bad to do but to suprise flex plate is cracked. How much should it cost to have a mechanic replace a. Well i checked torque converter bolts for loosemess and they were fine no sighns of cracked flex plate what so ever im gonna pop off the valve cover as i had it running and drove it up on ramps the knocking noise even under a load could hardley hear it and the longer i had it running the quitter it got that doesnt sound like a rod or main or piston sounds more like a calapsed lifter. Notice if the starter has a low, medium or highpitched whine while spinning. Cost for parts and labor 2004 gmc sierra 2500 hd i have a cracked flex plate im told i might need a flex plate, torque converter and possibly a front pump bearing. If its a crack, then often the wobble changes or goes away. I just thought id post a short video of what a cracked flexplate on a 6. While trans is out, i am going to have them install the transgo kit, and strongly considering a billet torque converter, but cost is 600.

Ask to see old, broken or damaged parts because unattached is a peculiar term for a cracked flex. The problem started with a intermittent shuttering or vibration on the highway. Consequently, the transmission must come out to replace the flex plate. The flexplate has cracked twice in the past 6 months. Perhaps someone had the transmission out years ago and failed to torque the flex plate to crank bolts. Like loss of power, this symptom could be caused by many factors other than a cracked flexplate. A flex plate is the automatic transmission version of a flywheel.

Is this a common issue on these have my new one ordered and i dont belive this truck has under drive pulleys never had. Mercedes flex disc problems, symptoms, cost mb medic. Agco provides overall lowest costs of vehicle ownership. Jun 19, 2007 what does a cracked flexplate sound like. Start your vehicle as normal, but pay particular attention to the noise of the starter while it spins and engages the flexplate, or torque converter if your vehicle does not have a toothed flex plate. A mechanic worth his weight in tools can realistically have it done in 23 hours with the proper equipment. The 2012 dodge grand caravan has 6 problems reported for shifting loud, roughly.

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