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Oakfield bow hunter bags a potentially recordbreaking buck. Texas biggest open range buck in 100 years texas fish. Whitetail record book new york state big buck club. All information provided is excerpted from the northeast big buck clubs 8th record book, northeast trophy whitetails viii, published in july of 2017. Your harvest data is important to us and to the future of new yorks game management. Captive bred whitetailed deer license license details. The top states for boone and crockett whitetails in the last. Now folks can and will say that hunters today are more record book knowledgable and want entered. Spreading across the eastern half of long island and just a few dozen miles from new york city proper, suffolk county resembles anything but the trophy deer hunters dreamcometrue. Official record book for new york states biggest and best whitetails. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the.

May 30, 2012 6 books every whitetail hunter needs to read im an admitted book reading fanatic and the addiction is especially noticeable when it comes to whitetail hunting related reading. We hope you enjoy our new york deer hunting stories, photos and information. This page was designed for members to upload photos of their new york state record book whitetails. It was a memorable deer hunting season for many upstate new york hunters this fall, and the pictures submitted by readers for this photo gallery show it. Recordkeeping systems, such as the boone and crockett clubs, help to retain important information on what states are succeeding at conservation and quality deer management, and which ones arent. Posted on december 11, 2014 by deltaoperatorman viewers can watch live online to see if the whitetail is the largest. A statebystate breakdown of where the best bucks are coming from, with a look at historic record book deer, plus an update on the top. After the 60day drying period, mike had the buck scored by various local scorers, and after all the scoring was done, mike received word he had a new state record archery nontypical. With every new year comes more trophy whitetail record book entries. In addition to providing scoring and record keeping services for hunters who legally harvest whitetail bucks, we are dedicated to the preservation of deer hunting through local volunteer efforts. The northeast big buck club is a volunteer organization of local deer hunters working together to bring many services to hunters in the northeast. Not being big on entering record books i did not send them the information. Be sure to check the page regularly to view new submissions.

The buck scored an impressive 195 28 inches and is a dandy archery buck at 39 on the top 10 biggest pope and young typical bucks of all time. The belisle bucks gross score before deductions was 177 58 as an 11point typical. Jun 26, 20 talking to a local school bus driver is probably not the way wed normally scout for deer, but it proved successful for milo hansen, who killed the no. Its history in the state is traced as a background for understanding its present status and the kind of management called for. Earlier this week it looked like wayne long of new york had a legitimate shot at the state record with his 220inch nontypical whitetail. Hunters are the sole source of two critical pieces of harvest information when and where all deer, bear, and turkey are taken. The two biggest bucks shot last fall in new york state were taken by a.

This book contains nearly 14,000 of the northeasts best bucks, and represents all deer scored and entered to the nbbc through april of 2017. New yorks record bucks boone and crockett harvest records reveal the best place in new york to harvest a giant whitetail in 2018. Every year nearly 300 new record book whitetails are entered in new york state. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck outdoorhub reporters 01. View nysbbc record book bucks at the bottom of this page. Here are the biggest typical whitetail deer kills in the safari club international record book. Jason stannard shot this 21point buck in east meredith in delaware county on thanksgiving day. Record whitetail bucks new york whitetail deer hunting. The official record book for new york states biggest and best whitetails, as well as, new york state trophy bear records. Jan 05, 2018 pennsylvania has a new record buck ammoland inc. The record book has been produced every two years since 1972 and contains thousands of trophy whitetail and bear entries. The main beams measured 27 and 29 inches, so its a very good deer. American hunter best places to hunt record whitetail. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time.

We allow any deer taken in the past and by who ever brings it in to be scored. This site is dedicated to new york whitetail deer hunting and the great new york outdoors. We have been working on this for a long time and hope you will enjoy scrolling through the record books on your phone. Here are some of those bucks from the 2018 new york whitetail hunting season. Writer bill vaznis took a buck that weighed well over 200 pounds, field dressed. So, what gives with a breaking story on texas biggestever whitetail during the dog days of august. Below you will find a submission form where you can send us a photos of you and your buck and tell us a little about the buck. The nys big buck club record book is an official collection of new york states exceptional whitetail deer and black bear. Posted on january 5, 2018 january 3, 2019 by ammoland editor joe evans ron shaulis holding his record breaking typical whitetail deer rack taken. We have launched a whitetail records app that includes all of the record book deer. Sep 30, 2010 the result of the panel scoring was a new state record archery typical.

Mar 29, 2010 this deer had the potential to be a record book buck and in fact would have made the new york state big buck club book, which would compromise the integrity of the whole system, never mind. New york whitetail deer hunting new york antler outdoors. Hunters are the sole source of two critical pieces of harvest information when and. Whitetail history is filled with landmark events, but perhaps none more noteworthy than the one occurring on the morning of november 23, 1993. Jan 01, 2020 the top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. That deer made the nys big buck club and the pope and young record book as well. York state big buck club and about ordering this years record book. Top 10 biggest pope and young typical bucks of all time. Monster deer from 2016 ny hunting season including a.

New york state record book whitetail member photos. The 1932 book was followed by the 1939 records book that included informative chapters on a variety of subjects related to big game and hunting. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record grand view. What are the biggest bucks ever killed in pennsylvania.

Ny whitetail rut report 59 matching articles field and. On september 27th, opening day of new yorks northern zone archery season, wayne long was hunting with a friend of the familys farm near watertown. In 1947, the club held its first competition for outstanding trophies, ranking them by a series of measurements that were refined in 1950 into the current trophy scoring system. Here are the top record whitetail bucks taken in new york, by category.

In fact, it doesnt appear on the historical top 10 state listing for whitetail records in either typical or nontypical bucks, but when factoring in just the last 10 years, appears on both lists with 196 typical and 125 nontypical listings for a total of 321 record book entries. Now, as the story has developed, the only thing long has to show for his trophy buck is a ticket and an accusation that he tried to defraud the boone and crockett record books long, of watertown, n. Incredibly, the years 19902001 account for 2,811 or 52 percent of the record book entries during this period. In addition to daigles new state record, the opening day of gun season on nov. I can say that we have never turned a deer down that would make the minimum. Here are the 2014 new york record whitetails that have been officially scored and entered into the nys record book. Apr 14, 20 in a move that could forever change how whitetailed deer antlers will be scored in the future, the prestigious northeast big buck club today announced that the johnny king buck from wisconsin is the new no. Looking at the lower jaw of the buck, typically used to age a whitetail, cooper. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the record.

Alabama whitetail records awr is now on your phone. When the buck is officially graded, it could land in the record books. Jan 15, 2006 these are actual numbers as of january 10 2006. Reported big buck taken illegally news uticaod utica, ny. Monster deer from 2016 ny hunting season including a 30. I have done so myself in 1986 i took an impressive 14 point whitetail that scored 9 18 and was taken with my bow. Licensed individuals must be the owner or lessee of the facility premises. The best typical buck added to the pennsylvania record book in. Posted on december 11, 2014 by deltaoperatorman viewers.

With increasing numbers of deer came more interest in trophyclass deer. Keeps you uptodate with other postings or news about new york whitetail deer hunting like the latest record book buck. Here is the new certified world record whitetail buck. Posted on january 5, 2018 january 3, 2019 by ammoland editor joe evans ron shaulis holding his. Here are the top record whitetail bucks taken in new york, by category, as recorded by the new york state big buck club. This license authorizes individuals to breed captive whitetailed deer and operate a commercial or private deer hunting preserve. We encourage you to participate by submitting your own stories and photos to the website. Oct 15, 2010 to be certain, by the new york state of mind, youre outside of the city, but by common whitetail hunting measures, youre not in kansas anymore. Nothing the deer did gave any indication of imminent breeding. The hunter who shot that deer and 7 others who submitted trophy bucks for consideration from the 2016 season were given plaques at the annual new york state big buck club banquet held sept.

Entry into the new york state record book requires that three basic criteria be met. Visit the website and post a photo of your big buck. Big game records deer hunting elk hunting big game hunting. If you have a buck that you think might make the record book, and need to find a scorer in your county check out our measurers page at. Aug 28, 2014 the buck was shot by a bow in 1999 and had 17 points, which is very impressive since its a typical. Mike had the great buck measured and entered into pope and young, the new york state big buck club and the northeast big buck club. Like mentioned before, id be recognized by virtually nobody whereas there might be afew people up here who know my name when they see it. Ive read more deer hunting books than i can remember, but a handful do stand out.

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