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This was taken from the original cassette tape as it was the only copy. Cunt was a slight return to a more deathgrind style after their southern rockthemed release str8 outta northcote. By str8 outta northcote in 1998, blood duster had refined their technique and this. Their spoton balance of groove to grind in their masculine musical posturing makes str8outtanorthcote a mandatory, myopic masterpiece. Str8 outta northcote had way better music and more of a old school metal beat and groove to it.

Tracks b8 to c1 were taken from the demos for the str8 album. Blood dusters only song on that compilation was ihategirlsandcrustypunx which clocks in at 16. Yeest 1995 str8 outta northcote 1998 yeest is an ep by australian grindcore band blood duster. Blood duster download all hardcore songs blood duster. Northcote is the suburb where most of the bands members lived at that time according to the albums liner notes, it features 69 riffs and 758 words, listed in the style of iron maidens live after death citation needed. The band are currently enjoying some semimainstream success after their selftitled blood duster album and an appearance at the annual big day out festival.

Blood duster str8 outta northcote 1998 i absolutely fucking love this album. Hate girls and crusty punx, which is on str8 outta northcote 1998. No topic was sacred as the boys attacked girls, punks, vegetarians, hippies, the record industry and even relapse. Not an album for those with more highbrow tastes, str8 outta northcote is best described as grooveheavy southern rock played by a death metalgrindcore band, grunting, lowin vocals and all. Their generally short, blasting songs still owe a serious debt to early carcass and napalm death, but tracks such as northcote and derek show off some surprisingly catchy, groovebased riff breakdowns that. Str8 outta northcote 1998 givin stiff to the stiff hippie kill team metal as fuck i hate girls and crusty punx chopchop tittie motherload the meat song stiffy in mcdonalds death squad instrumental 1 the simple life where does all the money go when releasing its just not metal celebrating 35% pigfat f. Radio hit live northcotes own blood duster sunk to new lows for the. Then the band produced 1998s str8 outta northcote, which featured a bizarre combination of southern rock riffs and blasting grindcore. Blood duster str8outtanorthcote 2008, vinyl discogs. Blood duster str8outtanorthcote lyrics and tracklist. The ten bloodiest metal album covers gross, but not. Blood duster str8 outta northcote 1998, cd discogs. You can buy latest album str8outtanorthcote reissue 2008 blood duster. The ten bloodiest metal album covers gross, but not entirely nsfw.

Off the album str8 outta northcote sick aussie porngroove \m\m. Blood duster str8 outta northcote full album duration. Where does all the money go when releasing a full length album. I remember during the midlate 90s, many grindcore bands were beginning to kook out and incorporate such elements as techno, industrial, classic rock and other.

Music profile for blood duster, formed august 1991. Another suggestion was for those about to fuck, but this was used as the name for the first track instead the album itself is labelled by the band as being psychodeathrockin. The bands first offering, yeest, was a straightforward grindcore album. Blood duster blood duster s brand of grindcore, speed bursts, and 30second songs would normally be far removed from what i prefer to listen to, but the newest, str8 outta northcote, slows the overall pace a bit and mixes some ultraheavy downtuned riffing that i find strangely compelling. Blood duster are a strange hybrid of grindcore and stoner rock from down under. Blood duster live at the evelyn hotel, fitzroy, vic, australia on friday the 17th of october, 2014. I love all the blood duster albums and eps, from their early grindcore days to their more recent rock death output.

Despite, or because of, its deliberately vulgar and anticommercialist title, cunt proved to be the bands most successful release to that point of their career, earning them high amounts of radio play, especially by triple j, even though its title did make. Blood duster str8 outta northcote full album youtube. Tracks 2327 were taken from the demos for the str8 album. Northcotes own blood duster sunk to new lows for the second fulllength str8outtanorthcote. Str8 outta northcote was their first fulllength release after a demo and some eps, and shows the band at almost the perfect balance between their much more grindcoreinfluenced younger days and their rockier side. Northcote s own blood duster sunk to new lows for the second fulllength str8outtanorthcote. Blood duster the shape of death to come i music video. Blood duster str8outtanorthcote reissue cd relapse.

Here you can buy and download music mp3 blood duster. A competition was run on the bands messageboard to suggest album names, with some responses being fucked up by the grace of god and taming the manaconda. Australias blood duster plays goodnaturedly offensive grindcore that is distinguished by the bands tasteless sense of humor and, in many cases, a heavy southern rock or stoner rock element. In 1996, it was released in the us with the fisting the dead album as bonus tracks.

Str8 outta northcote is the second fulllength album from australian grindcore band blood duster. First and foremost, blood duster is possibly the best name for a metal band ever. Northcote is the suburb in melbourne where most of the band lived at the time. Str8outtanorthcote by blood duster, released 29 april 2008 1. The style on this album was less purely grindcore and more grooveoriented. I do prefer the later more rockier stuff present on the cunt and self titled album wasnt as huge a fan of str8 outta northcote. With their second ep, yeest, australian filth mongers blood duster diversify their grindcoredeath metalrooted sound to include elements of southern rock and 70s hard rock in general. Listen online 5 songs from lyden na cd1 2007 blood duster.

Blood duster str8 outta northcote 1997 mediasurfer. The band toured australia including canberra in november 1995. Listen free to blood duster str8 outta northcote givinstifftothestiff, hippie kill team and more. The title of the album parodies fellow melbourne grindcorestoner rock band christbaits 1992 debut ep titled yeast. Tracks 2831 recorded live at the punters club, melbourne, australia. No topic was sacred as the boys attacked girls, punks, vegetarians, hippies. Blood duster, one of the countries finest exponents of hardcore metal and. Blood duster is blood duster s fourth fulllength album.

Like 6 seconds of screaming then thats the end of the song. The album covers and probably lyrics as well, given some of their albumsong titles are pretty gruesome. No topic was sacred as the boys attacked girls, punks. Listen free to blood duster yeest albert, northcote and more. The follow up album, str8 outta northcote was a southernflavored stoner rock album. Str8 outta northcote by blood duster album, grindcore. In 1997, blood duster came back with a new drummer, referred to only as euan, and released str8 outta northcote. I first heard of blood duster when i bought the relapse records contaimnation 3. Str8 outta northcote 1998 cunt 2001 blood duster 2003 cunt, is the third fulllength album by australian grindcore band blood duster. Blood duster lyrics str8 outta northcote 1998 album. Canon hv30 sony minidv hd, tv mode 150 shutter speed.

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