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Offered here are the volumes 1932, 1935, 1936 and 1937 with hundreds of full. Media in category f4 phantom ii at ramstein air base the following 14 files are in this category, out of 14 total. German anti aircraft machine gun shooting down an enemy plane. Blasted 3 german balloons and 2 fighters, crash landed. The filmtech forums are designed for various members related to the cinema industry to express their opinions, viewpoints and testimonials on various products, services and events based upon speculation, personal knowledge and factual information through use, therefore all views represented here allow no liability upon the publishers of. In speed, range and capacity, the b66 twinjet with a three man crew met all. Nicknamed viper by the allied forces, this ww2 german aircraft was designed specifically to successfully intercept large formation of allied bombers which during that time were continuously pounding germany daily with bombs. Discussion in wonder weapons started by sniper, jan 4, 2003. Since april 2017, users of illegal streaming services also broadcasting. Robert was born in berwick pa on 29 aug 1926 to george and alice mae german. This is why torrent and other p2p clients users receive a lot of letters from german lawyers.

German antiaircraft artillery list the praetorians oasis. As writen this topic is about apds ammunition made by germany in ww2 i am seeking inforamtion about this ammunition like penetration valuse the followign qoute is from myself as i postet this in another thread and that is all info i own about it everthing from. The largest was the stop the war march in london of 2003. With yunosuke ito, fubuki koshiji, ichiro nakatani, hideo sunazuka. A downed p51 mustang in a german luftgaukommando report the army air forces missing air crew reports were instituted in may of 1943 to provide a system for the documentation and organization of information covering aircraft and personnel reported missing on army air force operational missions, the ultimate goal being the. Robert german, aged 84 years, of grand forks nd, formerly of honolulu hi, passed away on 18 feb 2011, at altru hospital, with his loving family at his side. Each movie downloaded through torrent costs them 8 eur. Kihachi okamoto is one of these directors who never seize to surprise the viewer with their. Jan 30, 2017 aircraft and airmen of the 8th af 390th bomb group. An f84 thunderstreak in front of hangar 429, sembach air base germany. German a7vu sturmpanzer 1200 6kmhwvkqd by mastersofmilitary on shapeways.

In july 1964, the group arrived in germany and the headquarters was established in muensterhandorf. The patriot surfacetoair missile system is presented by the antiaircraft missile group 21 sanitz and 24 bad suelze during a media day by the german armed forces in. Nineteen years later, on april 16, 1985, i attended the reactivation of the 38th tmw at hahn ab. A list of films released in japan in 1964 see 1964 in film. Flight with my phantom 4 pro near and over the altenburg location. Germany gbu54 laser jdam tornado ids assta avionics system software tornado ada crt cathode ray tube dvdr digital video and voice recorder ljdam laser joint direct attack munition.

The copyright infringement notice written by german lawyers german. Mar 23, 2014 old usaf bitburg air base, bitburg, germany. Effect of the north american p51 mustang on the air war in europe by. Filmed as a traditional japanese play, a yakuza boss is. Despite russian aggression, us apache helicopters to be. Aa bakudan 1964 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The occupants of the aircraft were lieutenant colonel gerald k. About an hour later the aircraft was observed on radar to be approaching the soviet zone of germany. I worked as an ammo troop at the main bomb dump and out at site 8. I have just modified one external link on 1964 t39 shootdown incident. A photo scrapbook of the tm61c matador and tm76b mace b tactical missiles at bitburg air base, germany and of special links to the city of bitburg and to the host 36th tactical fighter wing. Hallo all, sometime after ww2 a french p47 was simulating a dogfight with a p38, when the p47 lost control and crashed into some woods near darmstadt.

German patriot anti aircraft missile system stock photo. Blasted 3 german balloons and 2 fighters, crash landed, got out with automatic pistol then shot as many germans before dying. The rb66 reconnaissance aircraft and the b66 medium bomber were the most advanced of their types in the united states air force when introduced in 1954 and 1955. Gary cheek, army assistant deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and policy, told reporters that the 24 boeing ah64 apache helicopters would be removed from germany and would join. B17 ww2 this is a very rare film not seen since 1944 b17s on a mission to germany, 92nd bomb group. Sembach kaserne is a united states army installation in sembach, germany, near kaiserslautern, and is about 19 miles. My first son was born there in germany at laundstul in 93. On 28 january 1964, an unarmed t39 sabreliner aircraft of the united states air force was shot down while on a training mission over erfurt, east germany, by a mig19 jet fighter of the soviet air force. An experience in which i paid 1500 euros to watch a movie. This is the story of that crewwhere they came from, how they trained, what it was like to fly a b24 through enemy flak, and who was waiting for them to come home. Berlin attack sets off hunt for a tunisian in germany.

I downloaded a movie from torrent and received a letter to pay a fine of 1500. The wider demonstration of march 17, 1968 is the sixth largest ever held in britain. Bachem ba 349 natter adderviper verticallylaunched. Class graduation nr date owner 1948 o6308 1949 paul laffittedarmstadt o7288 1949 joe soboul misawa 11038 6 ju49. Bachem ba 349 natter adderviper verticallylaunched, rocketpowered interceptor the bachem ba 349 natter was designed to quickly intercept inbound allied bomber formations, attacking with highexplosive rockets buried in the nose. Berlin attack sets off hunt for a tunisian in germany video german authorities have named anis amri, a 23yearold tunisian, as the main suspect. Major james howell howard, air corps, united states army, commander of the 356th fighter squadron, 354th fighter group, ninth air force, led fifty p51 mustangs escorting three divisions of b17 flying fortresses on a raid against oschersleben, near berlin, germany. This excerpt is from the official usmlm unit history 1964 on the afternoon of 10 march, a usaf rb66 twin engine, jet reconnaissance military aircraft departed toulrosieres air base in france on a local training mission. German army fighting on side of ergh86 from alamys library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. Effect of the north american p51 mustang on the air war. Rb66 destroyer the rb66 reconnaissance aircraft and the b66 medium bomber were the most advanced of their types in the united states air force when introduced in 1954 and 1955. I was assigned to the 38th tac missile wing at hahn ab germany in june 1964 and served until it was deactivated in the fall of 1966. Hannaford, captain donald grant millard and captain john f. It was carried out by a force of b17fs drawn from the 92st, 303rd, 305th, and 306th bomb groups.

The bachem ba 349 natter was probably one of the strangest airplanes ever designed and built during the second world war. I and several of my nongerman colleagues have been fined. As defending luftwaffe fighters attacked the bomber formation, major howard immediately went. The first usaaf mission over germany was a raid on january 27, 1943 against the uboat construction yards at the port of wilhelmshaven. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple faq for additional information. Aside from an excellent historical summary of the impact of the mustang on the progress of wwii, it shows that there are some very gifted students of military history out there. Enlisting in the usmc as a 17 yearold in 1944, robert served as part of the occupational forces in okinawa. Original third reich architecture and nazi art photo books. Is it true that in germany you can get fined for illegal downloading. Medal of honor, major james howell howard, air corps. Illegal downloading and streaming in germany is causing high fines. On april 21, 1945, the twelvemember crew of the black cat set off on one of the last air missions in the european theater of world war ii. Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in vehicles.

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